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Does it have boogie down ear rape I rly need that as my ringtone!

Bad Bad Bad

This app wont search any songs nor download do not waste your time ‼️‼️‼️😒

I can’t play music

Every time I try to play or look up music, it tells me something went wrong and to try again. I tried turning on and off WiFi, and it just doesn’t work. Please fix this.


Let see


I like it

App usage

Nothing works shitttttt don't make no sense # no star I'd give thugs

Love it ❤️

It has the music we love but also has remixes of songs we love. It also has best of 2017 and it's just awesome. It's also very easy to use. I definitely recommend it. 🎧❤️

It not good

It keeps saying something went wrong please fix

not very good

i had high hopes but the app never even let me listen to any songs. the screen would just go blank and nothing would appear. overall i’m disappointed because i had high hopes


Great app


It’s the copy of music I mean can you actually make your on game jeez

Good app

I've just started using the app and it's good so far, not quite sure about it though


This app is BS

Trash non working app

Title describes all.


It's an "ok" app.

It’s ok

This app isn’t exactly what I was looking for and it’s not quite working

Amazing & free

I’m not into reviewing apps, but this one is great. tbh, it’s awesome. It has legit music along with remixes, live performances and covers. You can create playlists and add favorites and it’s great. Granted some songs only have live performances and remixes and covers and not the original version, but I can safely say that 90% are legit. It’s awesome! Please please please download. It deserves all the app glory in the world.

Doesn't work😭😒

When I search for a song it just comes up a blank screen and tells me to try later like WHAT😒

Not surprised

I don’t like apps like these because most of them are covers^^ I like covers, and I listen to them, but I don’t want to when I’m specifically trying to listen to the actual song. I’d rather just convert YouTube videos into audio files and transfer them to iTunes.


It's really bad


Don't get this app if you want good music !!!🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👌🤢😊👍👎

Five star app

I absolutely love this app it's fast & easy I also can listen to my music while I'm on other apps

I don't know what's going on

It's doesn't let me search anything, but al it if people say that you have to leave a review sooo. But other than that people seem to be pleased with the app.

Wow the bad wow

It doesn't load

Can't download music!!!!

Needs to change


Please make an update for no WiFi thank you

H͠o͠w͠ b͠a͠d͠ i͠t͠ i͠s͠

I͠t͠ w͠o͠n͠'t͠ e͠v͠e͠n͠ l͟e͟t͟ m͟e͟ s͟e͟a͟r͟c͟h͟ u͟p͟ a͟ s͟i͟n͟g͟l͟e͟ s͟o͟n͟g͟ 😡

Nothing to hear

Every time I search something it says “sorry something went wrong “.


Every time I try to search a song it says there was an error!!

Uh just no

Doesn’t even work lol. Search a song and “something went wrong.”


it's gr8


Doednt download songs


I ❤️this app music on the go 👌and very substantial 💍🌸🔥


Came to the reviews to see why my music isn't playing and it's probably due to the lack of me writing a review. Well here goes nothing...

Don’t download

This app was a total waste of time downloading!! 🙌🏾

Music review

It's good


Good app




Doesn't work at all.


Nobody wants to listen to these kids singing like we want the real song, So I deleted it


So whenever I click on the play button IT DOESN'T PLAY! And there’s so many people saying you have to leave a review that’s never happened to me!! Ugh so I really don’t recommend this, (sorry) But there are good songs!!

Yay music

I haven’t really gotten to use it yet because it always says error when I try to play music. But from the wide selection of music I can tell it’s good. I just hope I can actually listen and not just look.




Ok. I read some reviews, and it seemed liked. But when I searched up a band or song, it said Error, please try again. Not connected, even though I am connected to Wi-fi and it's working. Bad app. I can't find any good music apps!

Let's see

Leaving review


Does the job. Use to apps that have ads so no bother



Does not work

Well looks good well can’t get the app to work 😳

Incredible work.

Honestly couldn't believe it when I tried it. Don't waste byour time with the other apps.


This app is not trash

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