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it’s booty


I love the app but every time I look up a song it pops a cover or remixes it’s really weird so can you pleases fix that

Good app

I like the fact that people can make songs but one problem for me is that all music in the hole intire world isn’t in that app like another one i know but still a bunch of good music.It great.

Could be better

don’t get me wrong it’s a good app however it does not work offline.


Didn’t find the music i needed

Wow this is TERRIBLE!

Whenever I try to search up ANY SONG it just says “try again later” I’ve had this for 5 minutes and I’m already deleting it.

It doesn’t work

The reason why I don’t like this app is because it doesn’t work because every time I pick an song it isn’t there

We need download

Add download option


Garbage app

Not original Artist

Not original artist


Y u make me do this

One fatal flaw

So this app ALMOST passed my Turing test. Plays music offline, without data, and has a variety of songs. However, it has one fatal flaw. When one song is over, it doesn’t automatically play the next one. Beware this.

Dislike it

I try to look up up to date songs but it won't let me. It always says " There was a problem, search later. " I'll wait a few hours and try again. Guess what? Still won't work. I can't do anything but listen to the crap in the genres. Please fix it. It annoys me very much.

Somethings wrong.

When tap a song it shows something is wrong. Try later.

It won’t even lay anything

This app will waste your time and effort don’t download


No good!!👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Should be -1 one star

I downloaded it .. looked up a song it says “oops try again , something went wrong” even when I clicked a category on the sides ..said the same thing .. waste of time sorry



What is this?

When you try to play a song you can’t even here the song future people do not download this app

LUV it!!!!

This app is so handy!!! Has a variety of songs that u usually would have to pay for on iTunes. Free and amazing😊 the only thing it’s missing is that I can’t play it on the go😬 OVERALL, WONDERFUL APP!!!!!


Please don’t download


Ehh this app is alright I guess for the most part. But the biggest problem that pushed me to the edge was when went to look up a specific song that I liked but apparently you couldn’t search up that song for some reason... so I was kinda disappointed but like “whatever life isn’t fair.” So I went and searched up another one of my favorite songs and all that came up were either remixes or like 20 second clips of it. And that happened for like 3 or 4 songs. It’s like “omg can’t I listen to ANY of my favorite songs??” So just to tell you guys if you read this: if you guys are looking for very specific songs (like me) don’t download this app it’ll get you very very frustrated (like me) Thanks for reading this!! ;)


Nothing works

It’s ok

Every time I press on a song it says try again later! I suggest using the other Musi


Good app!

I love this app, but...

I love this app a lot, but I hate it when I try to look up a song, I can’t find the real version. It’s always a cover, a remixed version, or just a person messing around. Please let the real version of the song show up when your search it’s name. And when search remixed version, the remixed version comes up. Thank you.


It finishes your typing as if your song is available but nope. Just the popular stuff from all genres...not worth downloading.

TL;DR, not a lot of songs

It seems great, but does not have the song that I am looking for. :/

Is it me or the app?

Every time I try playing a song I don’t hear anything playing I waited for 7 minuets just for one song and did not hear a thing so please fix this if you can!

Good app

can you update Moment( Alex shrindo)

Not good.

This app is jut not good. All it keeps saying is “something went wrong” when I click on a song.


The app doesn’t work at all

This make a me mad

I can't find any of the songs i want and download. Its making me really mad right now. Don't get this!!!!


App didnt work💀

Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t even work! It says to try again later.. Honestly, I would give it 0 starts if I could!

Can’t I play music without data connection?




Just downloaded

Not sure what to think. Just downloaded the app and any song a click on says something went wrong try again.

Love it

I really love it has so many great songs it even has some covers that Rachie did (she’s a YouTuber) I love it highly recommend it

Waste of space

I looked for what I wanted. Most of the songs are just remixes.


This app does not load any music or have current music it always says try again not good sorry.



الحمدلالله ...هذا ساعدني لالتحفيظ القران الكريم 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

thx verry much... syukran katsiran الحمدلالله ...هذا ساعدني لالتحفيظ القران الكريم 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


It wont search up a song i want!

Thank You for this App

I am very thankful to listen to all these amazing songs and I am so glad that I downloaded this app. Thank you to all the people who made This app and thank you for everything!

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

Thank you

All the music u can imagine for free


Great I can finally listen to some Cool music 🎶 thx for this app!! ~💜Sammy 😘☺️🐶😘❣️❤️♥️♥️


Well I can download any song so idk why

  • send link to app