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App didnt work💀

Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t even work! It says to try again later.. Honestly, I would give it 0 starts if I could!

Can’t I play music without data connection?




Just downloaded

Not sure what to think. Just downloaded the app and any song a click on says something went wrong try again.

Love it

I really love it has so many great songs it even has some covers that Rachie did (she’s a YouTuber) I love it highly recommend it

Waste of space

I looked for what I wanted. Most of the songs are just remixes.


This app does not load any music or have current music it always says try again not good sorry.



الحمدلالله ...هذا ساعدني لالتحفيظ القران الكريم 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

thx verry much... syukran katsiran الحمدلالله ...هذا ساعدني لالتحفيظ القران الكريم 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


It wont search up a song i want!

Thank You for this App

I am very thankful to listen to all these amazing songs and I am so glad that I downloaded this app. Thank you to all the people who made This app and thank you for everything!

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

Thank you

All the music u can imagine for free


Great I can finally listen to some Cool music 🎶 thx for this app!! ~💜Sammy 😘☺️🐶😘❣️❤️♥️♥️


Well I can download any song so idk why


Tried to search music and it kept saying “something went wrong try again later”. Don’t download until they fix this!!!!


Something went wrong please try again later


It wouldn’t even let me listen to the song it said something is wrong and try again later

Worst app

Too many bugs.

Don’t download it

Honestly this app is trash I have an iPhone 8 and it’s not the best hard to find songs you want the original ones most songs are covers don’t recommend it


Don’t even waste your time on it

Liked it

I love this app. But I see he’s WiFi free music I tried this with no WiFi and it didn’t work and I was very disappointed. I didn’t like it.


I'm k

Won’t let me download music I want

This app won’t even let me download any kpop or anything other than English, like, the world doesn’t revolve around English. It’s pretty dumb tbh only had it for 5 minutes and I’m already deleting it

Wont Work

Keeps saying theres something wrong.


It okay


Why can't I listen to the music it said can't play

Very nice

Very good app would recommend

I love this app but ...

I love this app but it needs to work when your offline, when I need a app where there’s no internet I need a app for music that you can download when it online but still plays songs when you leave the house at anytime and anywhere


Don’t ever get this app because you can’t ever find the right song you won’t and I was trying to find a song that I wanted to hear and it took me forever probably even like a hour that how bad this app is never get.

Very nice, but I have one problem

I heard a good song and so I went on my phone so I could download that song.But when I pressed enter after typing it ,it said “JSON could not be serialized because of an error” it would be good if you would fix that error soon I want to start listening to my music soon

It sucked

When I first opened it it said something was wrong and got me out of the app if your reading this look for a different app then this.


Its good

doesn't work offline

y'all should add like cache or something cuz i am one of those who doesn't have a phone with service and i need to listen to music but i don't wanna buy music so i would gladly appreciate it if you can make it so we can listen to music offline

It’s ok

It’s fine and it’s cool I can get music for free with no ads interrupting my music but it pauses and stops my music at random times


I love this app. Would’ve give you a 5 BUT there is one thing that I HATE about this. When I look for some songs, I ALWAYS come upon remixes or covers and I really hate it because I just want to listen to the original song. Obviously, the original song is always better, not to be rude to the people who made the covers, but it’s always annoying to not see the original song and always see covers or remixes. Please, if possible, find a way to have the original songs in this app. Great app though!!!


It has this dumb glitch! Every time I search up a song it just goes back to home! Developer make your app better! It’s stupid... DO NOT GET THIS APP!!

Please fix this 😓

I keep searching song titles but the song won’t show up, just ones with similar names. This is why I’m deleting the app after literally just downloading it.


Uhhh they don’t got no type of good known music but if you like country music go head 💀

Won’t work.

it keeps saying there was an error and to try again later. I hav a very good wifi in my area, so i don’t see why this won’t work..

Won’t search

Whenever I try to look for a song, it won’t search it all it just said is please try again later

Need updates !

Update the app ! It’s stopping and ugh I’m starting to hate it .


I haven’t used it yet🤷🏽‍♀️

💕its good

it think its a awesome app


Does it have boogie down ear rape I rly need that as my ringtone!

Bad Bad Bad

This app wont search any songs nor download do not waste your time ‼️‼️‼️😒

I can’t play music

Every time I try to play or look up music, it tells me something went wrong and to try again. I tried turning on and off WiFi, and it just doesn’t work. Please fix this.


Let see


I like it

  • send link to app