S3 Music - MP3 Player & Playlists & Albums Manager App Bewertungen

Does not work

Well looks good well can’t get the app to work 😳

Incredible work.

Honestly couldn't believe it when I tried it. Don't waste byour time with the other apps.


This app is not trash

It's lit

Idk why but I needa do dis but dis app lit asf y'all should really get it y'all fall in love wit it, just like I fell in love wit the dough 🤑🍄

Problem Already

I just downloaded the app and when I tried to select a song it said there was a error and to try again later. How you don’t work ALREADY? Makes no sense. This is ridiculous and will soon be DELETED.

Its cool I guess

The app is ok but seeing that you likely have to rate it first then listen to music drives me crazy. Also the WiFi thing needs to be fixed. Other then that its cool.




I like how you can download music

It's great

This app is amazing but there is an annoying tic and it's when the music stops after one song but overall it's a great app

It's ok👌

It's good but when I turn my phone off to listen to the music I have to press the play button every time a song is over and I don't want to do that anymore I just want it to auto play

Doesn't Work 😔

When I Try & Search A Song It Just Keeps Telling Me That Somethings Wrong To Try Again & It Never Fixes Itself


Type in song you wanna hear and 50 songs from no name people pop up.. I wasted data just downloading


There’s a delay in the app when you want to play a song very slow start time


This is so far so good since it lets me play which ever I want to hear and I can find all of my favorite songs!


I can’t exit the app whilst music is playing because it’ll force close as soon as I press the home button. Other than that, I can have all the music I want for free (even though I have some on my iTunes music list.)

This app

It's ok

It's cool

It's good except you need wifi to listen and have to write a review.. an offline mode would be a great improvement!



I don't like this app

I can't find the song that I want to listen to, and it only plays my Apple Music.

Not working

It's not working. Don't install it.


When you try to search a song it says som thing went wrong💩


App doesn't work


Gang gang


App won't let me download any music

New app

Downloaded app, it seemed good at first since it let me down load every song I searched. After downloading songs it will not let me play the songs.

Pretty good

I like it! It's working alright so far so no complaints.:)



Love. But

Is very slow to trim a song

Really good 🎶

I can listen to all the songs i live I recommend this app if u want to listen to your favorite.



Good app

Get this app now

Needs wifi

It's not worth it go sound cloud. It's the same thing they both require wifi however. Although sound cloud has better features and easier to use.


this is such a great app i really do love it


Good app


It's good


Good app they have plenty of music but it won't let pass add more songs the review screen keeps popping up overall the app is very good

It's ok

I kind of like it. I can't really get the songs I won't. Most of the songs are remixes and I just want the original song. And there's other genres that I can't get to do I think I'm going to delete this app. Sorry.


Not bad for free


It's a okay app




Good love it




U can really find everything

Cool and free

Cool and free



Good app

Good app

Loved it got all the song I want

Loved it 😁😁😝😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇


Nice app

It's works

It works good but never had to write a review



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